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Ti’s the season for tax returns. Most of us have experienced unusual social conditions this past year. One thing has NOT changed. As of today our returns will be due April 15th THIS YEAR. This date may change since I am not aloud to e-file until February 2. The IRS is far behind in their administrative duties; so everything is processing at a slower pace.

Yes, I will be processing returns as in past years. I would be glad to meet with you in my large(good for social distancing) office with mask on OR you can leave your info on the “red bench” on my front porch and I will call or e-mail if I have questions and when the returns are completed for signing. Make sure you have included your phone number and/or e-mail address with your tax information.


There are a few additional questions that you will need to be aware of that will be asked of you to complete your 2020 returns. They are as follows:

Did you buy, sell or use digital currency (bit coin) during 2020?

Did you/family receive Stimulus payments? If so, the amount in 2020 AND the
amount in 2021 (latest payment). These payments WILL NOT be added into your
taxable income or effect your refund. Taxpayers who did not get all of EIP
(stimulus) they were entitled will be able to claim the difference as a tax credit on
their 2020 return.

Up to a $300. cash charitable contribution can be taken above your standard
deduction in 2020 for those who have receipts.

There are other changes that will not effect everyone that I would be glad to discuss with you should you have questions when you are assembling your tax information.

I have a limited number of Income Tax Guides & Organizers available as well as a one sheet TAX INFORMATION FOR 2020 that are available.


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