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Identity theft is a new problem for all of us in today’s world on a daily basis.  It DOES NOT occur ONLY during tax season.  Your social security number can be used through-out the year.  Many times, you may not be aware that someone has stolen your identity until you file your tax returns.  I have listed some things you should know about IDENTITY THEFT:

PROTECT YOUR RECORDS:  Do not carry your Social Security Card OR other documents with your number on them in your wallet.  Only provide your S.S. number if it is necessary and you know WHY it is being requested.  Protect your computers with anti-spam and virus software.  Even though it is a PAIN, change your passwords on a set routine basis.

DON’T FALL FOR SCAMS:  The IRS DOES NOT make telephone calls demanding money or make threats. These people are counting on you to act. DON’T!!!  Hang up OR do not return these threating calls.  I am especially concerned for our senior citizens.  Most were taught to be respectful and to answer to authority.  People who use these tactics do not deserve our attention.  The IRS ONLY contacts you via the mail service.  If you receive a letter from the IRS, please let me know at once.  Whatever the issue is; TOGETHER we can address and solve the issue.

REPORT ID THEFT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT:  Get a credit report from one of the three bureaus at least annually. I suggest doing this on your birthday each year.  They advertise as FREE, however, it usually ends up costing you about $1.00.  If you find that you have become a victim file a police report with your local police department and the Federal Trade Commission.  Also, have the credit bureau put a “Freeze” on your account.  Not all Data Breaches result in identity theft or involve TAXES.  Make sure you know what kind of information has been stolen so that you can take the appropriate steps.

COMPLETE AN IRS FORM 14039 IDENTITY THEFT AFFIDAVIT:  This form is on the IRS website with instructions and information on where to send it.  Again, I am always available to help you with this filing if needed.  You are still responsible for filing your tax returns, however, the filings will need to be a paper filing until the issue is rectified. This form only needs to be filed IF the identity theft involves TAXES.

REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY:  The IRS has set up special telephone numbers, charts and publications to combat ID theft.  If you suspect or know of an individual or business that is committing tax fraud visit the IRS.gov website for further instructions on reporting.  Many of you received a letter from the State of Ohio during this past tax season asking for additional information.  This procedure helped identify ID theft in Ohio.

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